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Kikuyu,Jooi Center

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The firm was incorporated in Kenya on June 2016.It deals with the buying and selling of plots,land survey works,real estate consultancy and property management.

Real estate is one of the biggest way of investment in the modern world.it is the surest way of banking your money and getting an interest.
your money is secure where you buy your property,it grows it stays untouched it never grows molds, it speculates,you can never go wrong with real estate.

We respect everyone’s decision to own a property weather its an high end or low end property,we can never be the same in this world.we give you the quality of the amount you have and we believe property is property it just depends what you as the buyer have in mind for that specific property.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to have every young investor achieve their dreams in the property world,we all must own a property irregardless of our age.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to sell as many properties and help grow our rural areas which are as beautiful fertile and livable as our urban areas.lets grow Kenya together

Meet our team

Newton Mbari
Chief Executive Officer

Lilian wambui

Irene Lasiti
Head of P.R

 Martha Muasa

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